Can't live without Reading!

I Love Books! Period. I feel depressed if I don't read on a particular day. And I am possessive about my books! More than I am about any other thing!! One day I want to own a bookstore, one which not only has all the regular titles but even those books which are hard to find in India.

Long Road Home

The Long Road Home - Danielle Steel I consider this book as one of the best by Danielle Steel. Though, be ready for a heavy heart and tears all the way. Its a book which leaves you sad. But very beautifully written book!

Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind - Margaret Mitchell Hands down, the best book ever!!!! My Favorite! :)

Fall of Giants (The Century Trilogy)

Fall of Giants - Ken Follett A book written so well, that it takes you to the time it is set in... I just did not want to stop reading it and am glad that the second part is already out there and I can start reading it...

Powder Room

Powder Room : The Untold Story of Indian Fashion - Shefalee Vasudev A good read. Shefalee's writing style is engaging and flowing. She takes you along with her and lets you take a look into the world of fashion - from the designers to the consumers and everything in between. In the process of narration, Shefalee opens herself up to the reader, thus exposing herself to the risk of criticism on more of a personal level. However, this very insight into her, helps the reader decide the context in which to read the book.The book is an amalgamation of the life story of the Designers and their Business, Models - not just the drug-sex-bollywood-'will do anything to succeed' obssessed but the ones who are disciplined, professional and committed, the Darzi Couture and the Tailors-Masterjis and the Indian weaves.Though the last 1-2 chapters seem to show more of Shefalee's exasperation with the Industry than anything else, however given the book has been a good read so far and the reader understands where she is standing on the subject, so her bias can be easily overlooked and the story read with appropriate filters.Read this book; not for the gossip but to understand what makes Fashion in India, to gain insight into the designers world (more than the models), to understand how are you as a Consumer and make sense of it all.

Britain's Royal Families: The Complete Genealogy

Britain's Royal Families: The Complete Genealogy - Alison Weir Its a good book, if what you are looking for is a "list" of Britain's Kings and Queens. However, it doesn't really give you anything more than that. So this can be used to probably pick a King/ Queen and find books on them to read.

Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search for Bin Laden--from 9/11 to Abbottabad

Manhunt: The Ten-Year Search for Bin Laden--from 9/11 to Abbottabad - Peter L. Bergen, Mark Deakins A well written book, using various interviews it beautifully reconstructs the 10 year search of Bin-Laden and the planning and execution of the final Operation which killed him. Well paced and neatly written book.


Hiroshima - John Hersey Its one of those books which makes it difficult to write the correct words about it! Its just so simple. It opens a window to how the A-bombing affected people in Hiroshima. Its about people and not the act, or the people who decided to drop the bomb or why.A must read for all!

Born in Africa: The Quest for the Origins of Human Life

Born in Africa: The Quest for the Origins of Human Life - Martin Meredith Book is an ok read, with a few interesting facts. From the title it seems to be a far more interesting book than it actually turned out to be. A big negative: is a one sided attempt to put Africa as the place of our origin. It lacks depth. Having said that, for a person starting on the subject, it is a easy read and an easy starter so you may want to give it a go.

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